absence makes the heart grow fonder?

If the adage is true, I have grown quite fond of blog-posting this year…

I just looked back and I haven’t posted since November of 2011. That’s almost an entire year. Not that you’ve all lost track of me. Facebook keeps many of us linked in some way.

Mostly, when not working or being with the children, I was reading loads of articles and books and writing research papers. Just this August, I completed my coursework for a Master’s Degree in Music Education from Boston University (graduation date September 25 2012). January-April of this year (thesis project intensive) are a total blur. I took my very last class, while in France this summer. Maybe I should write a few back-dated posts with pictures about our many summer adventures (minus the studying, of course)!

Noah’s about to be 5 and Caleb will be 7 in December. We entered the world of organized sports this Spring. We had been ice-skating since 2010 and both boys enjoy that. But Caleb was ready to play some ball this Spring so he played AA and Noah, T-ball (with Mom as assistant coach).

Number 25 at bat for the Sharks

Rounding 3rd base for the Gators

Caleb still counts baseball as his favorite sport, though soccer is becoming a very close runner-up. Today was soccer picture day, so we were at the fields for about 3 and a half hours between the pictures and the games. Caleb scored two goals today and Noah really had a good time running up and down the field with the ball and his team. It’s great fun to see them having so much fun. It’s also great fun for me because 4 other families from our church have their kids in the same league so we are always in good company on the sidelines.

Noah getting the hang of dribbling

OCMC at NEO Youth Sports

Caleb has moved to the Lower School building and is now in a fabulous first grade classroom. He seems to have transitioned without missing a beat and is feeling very grown up at school, I think. Their social studies unit is based around where our food comes from and they’re going to take lots of trips to urban farms and all kinds of markets and I think he’s going to love it. He also has P.E. everyday, which makes him super happy. Noah is in his last year of pre-school, the Butterfly class, and has just informed me that he would like Harry Potter Legos for his birthday. Never mind that he doesn’t even know who or what Harry Potter is. Apparently one of his good Butterfly friends has them 🙂 I think Caleb could sit for HP Book 1 but I’m not sure about Noah. He is finally getting into Caleb’s Magic Tree House series. For a while he would just play alongside us while we read those, but now he sits on the bed and is very interested in Jack and Annie’s adventures. It’s funny with the second one, they are always playing a little above their age. Tonight, I watched Noah deliberately (and correctly) sound out all the letters in a very long word from the children’s Bible. He didn’t know what to do with the collection of sounds but all the pieces were there. I was amazed. I think he’ll be reading soon. He also loves to see how high he can count. Today in the car I heard him begin at 1 million and count to 1 million and thirty (which actually sounds like “1 million and firty”). “Phew,” he sighed. “I’m going to take a rest now.”

Sept 4, 2012

First day of first grade

I’m enjoying devoting more of my brain to teaching this fall now that my studies are finished. We are also launching a children’s choir at church in October. I am excited to see how it unfolds. As crazy as it sounds, I returned to Singing City last Fall (now I’m really seeing why I haven’t posted since last November) and it was a wonderful season. So good to be singing regularly and looking forward to a new season. Our fall concert is themed “Love and Mortality.” More on that in another post, lots of great texts to share. For our full season of performances, check out http://www.singingcity.org/performance.html.

As the boys grow and thrive and play sports I wonder, in certain moments, how life would be different if Jared were physically a part of it. It’s as if my life exists on two parallel tracks. The track that had Jared in it abruptly ceases to be my life and underneath another one picks up and keeps moving without him. Our life is still full and wonderful in so many ways, yet it’s one where he is markedly absent. I wonder if there is ever a point where the tracks of the former and the present lives converge. “Yes and No” is probably the answer to my wondering. We will continue to Light the Night (Leukemia and Lymphoma Society fundraising walk) in his memory again this year in Philadelphia. I’m looking forward to having his family here for that whole weekend at the end of October. Join us if you can!

Hopefully I’m back to blogging more regularly now. Until next time.


One thought on “absence makes the heart grow fonder?

  1. Margie Keiser says:

    Hi Anne,
    Thank you for sending to us your blog. Wow! What an extra full life you have had this past year! Congratulations on the completion of your Masters degree! That represents MUCH work! May you now enjoy the benefits of having had those studies. We are always interested in you and Caleb and Noah so thank you for sending the pictures and telling us of the activities you three are having. Great pictures! We are thankful that life is enjoyable and meaningful for you though the void of Jared is present. You mentioned the Light the Night in Jared’s memory and Leukemia fundraiser. For the past 4 years I have been the person to contact our neighbors for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society fundraiser. The present one is just now closing. Since our neighbors know that my nephew died from that they respond well.
    Will you be going to Boston for Graduation on the 25th? May you have opportunity to celebrate your great achievement.
    The best to you,

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