trick or treat 2011

I carved the pumpkin this afternoon in 20 minutes. We bought it two weekends ago but somehow there was no time to carve it. The boys always love the finished product but want nothing to do with the gooey stuff inside. They have never liked that. I’m hoping they will at some point…either that or I’ll get really good at carving pumpkins!

Continuing on with anecdotes from Noah…I knew they would come…

We’ve been having some indecision in regards to Halloween costumes. A few weeks ago, Noah announced he wanted to be a bat and we would have to find some wings. Then he changed that to Batman which, thankfully, we already have. Great! Caleb wanted to be a skeleton, a costume I ordered on-line. I actually ordered one for Noah too because I had a feeling he would want to be what Caleb was being. So last week, they were all about the skeleton costumes. On Friday afternoon as we were driving home from school. Noah informed me that he wanted to be a planet. Oh, I said. Well, we can do that. We can make you some rings to ear and you can be Saturn. No, Mommy, I want to be Earth. Planet Earth. Oh, I see. So I put it out on facebook and got a lot of great suggestions from crafty and clever friends and felt ready to tackle a planet Earth costume over the weekend. However, when we got home on Friday Caleb’s skeleton costume had come in the mail. He tried it on and Noah definitely wanted to be a skeleton too. So the plant earth idea was short-lived. Although I’m already scheming to use it next year for myself! Today was the Lower School Halloween parade and both boys wore their skeleton constumes. Lindsay, one of Noah’s teachers, dubbed them the skele-brothers!

This evening we were all dressed up and ready to start handing out candy when I got the bright idea to scavenge for a costume for myself in the kids’ costume box. I came out with a pirate hat, hook and an eye patch. I went upstairs to get a sash to tie around my waist and when Noah saw the getup I had put together he immediately demanded that hand it over. “I am Captain Pierre Plank,” he said. (He is a Pirate from a DVD we have.) But apparently Captain Pierre Plank doesn’t wear an eye patch, says Noah. So, I told him he could be a skeleton pirate, sans eye patch with hook (and sword which he absolutely had to find), because I was not taking off his skeleton suit. It was a tough sell, and I almost resorted to breaking out Pirates of the Caribbean to prove to Noah that skeletons could, in fact, be pirates as well. He didn’t fight me on it though so it didn’t come to that and we were finally ready to begin, skele-Caleb, Captain Pierre Plank, and mommy, without costume. Oh well. At least I’m ready for next year!

Caleb, though much less fickle than his little pirate brother, almost had a last minute change of heart himself as Noah was rifling through the costume box. Caleb saw his Bobafet mask. There is also a costume somewhere…If we had had a light saber, it would have been a done deal. But Caleb just wore the Bobafet mask on his head and kept his skeleton suit on. Sensible compromise.

For the first time this year, we walked a few blocks right around our house and actually trick or treated. They had a blast. Caleb didn’t really want to ask for candy, he wanted me to do it for him. But I talked him into trying it on the first house and after that he was leading the charge, running from house to house. We ran into neighbors from two houses down who have a daughter Caleb’s age. We knocked on their house as they were coming out, so we ended up walking with them for a while. It was really fun. Just nice to be out in the neighborhood! Then we returned home to eat dinner and finish handing out the rest of the candy. Noah was sure to wish everyone a Happy Halloween, I think he picked that up at school 🙂 And after each group of trick or treaters, Noah would come in the house and say, “Another happy customer!”

Noah looks at his candy with wonder and amazement. The first thing Caleb picked out of his bag was a little bag of Pretzels, which I let him pick from OUR giveaway bowl. Noah and I will probably eat most of Caleb’s candy.


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