The “Me” Book.

Noah Self-portrait

Wednesday I started my day by stopping in on the Pre-school Parent’s coffee hour. The kids had baked some delicious pumpkin raisin bars and were presenting their “Me” Books, a project they’ve been working on over the course of the last few weeks. It’s a lovely project (I still have Caleb’s tucked away) where they interview the kids about family, likes and dislikes, what makes them angry, sad, favorite place, animal, toy, etc. and then put it all together (word for word) in a book that the kids “illustrate”. It also has an amazing self-portait on the front (on the left), which they’ve been working on with Mindy their Art teacher. Since I shared quotes from Caleb the other day, I thought I’d share quotes from Noah today, straight out of his “Me” book.

At the parent coffee hour, we were asked identify mystery quotes, matching them to our child’s book. This is what I was supposed to identify as Noah’s quote:

“My favorite food is cabbages but not tomatoes and potatoes and salad and soup.”

Um????? I have no explanation for that. He loves soup and salad! And potatoes! And I don’t think we’ve ever eaten cabbage…

On the other hand, if they had read this part, I would have guessed it instantly:

“I feel sad when my brother takes something from me. My Mom tells him not to take stuff and he throws it back to me but that’s not the way…you need to hand it and share.”

Love that kid 🙂


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