Futbol en Guatemala

I wish I could upload pictures of today. But my computer is in VA and my phone doesn´t work in Guatemala…so photos will be forthcoming next week.
We are in Guatemala for 10 days, just me and the boys, and it´s going very well. I am thankful for the awesome hospitality of friends and also for my “pretty-flexible-for-3-and-5″ world traveler children.
It has been neat to see them processing a world so different from our normal context. Much to my delight, they are embracing it. Today both of them have started to greet people in Spanish, especially Noah!

My friend Magda took us twice to the free kids ´soccer league in her town. It´s awesome. Noah played with the 3-5 year olds on Tuesday. Threw himself right into the mix and ran around with the best of them. Caleb sat that one out. He took it all in though and was ready to play today with the 6-8 year old team this evening. It was out of his comfort zone for sure, but he ended up having a blast! He made a few friends and even scored a goal with his head during drills. Afterward, when we were walking home, he was raving about how much fun it was. So I said, maybe we can find you a team to play on in Philadelphia. Would you like that? And he responded, ¨”But Mommy, I already have a team here!” That would be quite a commute for soccer. When I pointed that out, he consented to finding a team at home, but I was really surprised by his ability to connect deeply and quickly with new and different people and places. The Guatemalan kids were really sweet with him. If we stayed longer I´m sure he would have some new friends (and learn Spanish) very quickly.

We also rode horses today (well, mules actually, large ones) through a coffee finca. Apparently it´s the coffee that Starbucks buys for their Guatemala Antigua coffee (, at least, that´s what our guide told me 🙂 Noah saw the mules and screamed “Choupinette!” That was his donkey´s name last summer when we rode in France. Funny the things kids remember. Caleb was pretty pleased to get his own mule and could be heard saying “Giddyup” a lot. Although, since Spanish horses don´t speak the language of “Giddyup!”, he switched to “Vamonos!”

Tomorrow we are off to Lake Atitlan with friends for the weekend. Kind of excited for a few nights in a hotel with a pool (that will surely keep the boys in high spirits!). Oh and also excited for some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world. Like I said, pictures forthcoming.


2 thoughts on “Futbol en Guatemala

  1. Janelle says:

    Anne, it sounds as though you are having a blast! I’m excited to see the pics and to hear your stories when you get home

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