holy mackrel!

We’ve been incredibly busy as our time in France in coming to a close. I finished my second class last night and today we’ve been doing some last minute shopping and are starting to pack. Caleb has been a bit under the weather with some intestinal issues and a fever for the last few days. Prayerfully, he’ll be all set to travel on Thursday. I just wanted to share a few pictures from our most recent boating/fishing expedition. Caleb caught his first, and our only fish of the afternoon. He was elated. After watching it flop around in the basket for a while, he decided he wanted to throw it back rather than take it home and eat it for dinner.
I will write some more about our trip more fully once we’re back in the States.

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3 thoughts on “holy mackrel!

  1. Margie Keiser says:

    Anne, you have shared great pictures! I have enjoyed seeing and reading about your time with your family. Glad you were able to finish your class work. I pray that Caleb will be well and ready to travel on Thursday.
    Bon Voyage! Margie

  2. Matt Hartzler says:

    Well, we need to get Abby and Caleb together for a fishing expedition. Abby loves to fish any chance she gets. Tell Caleb it was a very nice fish!

    The Hartzlers

  3. Natascha says:

    Oh my goodness! Am just now catching up on all the France blogging….so glad you took the time to do it! Noah (and Caleb…but Noah from baby until now is…amazing) is…so big! So old! So mature! I love it. Thanks for sharing :)!!

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