A bona fide blog.

Well, I guess there’s no time like the present to start my new blog.  Based on the frequency with which I’ve been posting to the Caring Bridge journal lately, I’m not sure how this often I’ll update this.  But since I’m on vacation I thought I should take advantage of the free(er) time and at least get it set up.  I am a little nostalgic about not posting to Caring Bridge any more.  It’s been a part of my life for a year and a half…even when Jared was doing most of the posting, I was still reading his posts and the guestbook entries.  It was such a wonderful way to keep people updated on his condition and our situation.  I know it was also a great way for us to process out loud, if you will, some of our thoughts and feelings as we lived an incredibly difficult time.  Jared also really enjoyed posting about Caleb.  He was so proud of Caleb and took so much joy in the things Caleb did.  I will definitely provide updates and share anecdotes about the boys as they grow.  And who knows what else?  It has been great to share this journey and feel support and love and prayers from a multitude.  So, with gratitude for all that Caring Bridge provided for us, I take this step forward and create a new place for posting about new life in the now.  I hope you’ll subscribe to this blog and keep up with us.


6 thoughts on “A bona fide blog.

  1. Natascha says:

    Hi Anne, Caleb & Noah –
    Great to see you’ve started a new blog – I love to read about how y’all are doing :). Happy New Year to all of you :).

  2. hazami says:

    Hi Anne, I’m glad to have been browsing on fb and noticed the link to your blog… besides doing the blog thing thru al-bustan, omar’s colleagues have been encouraging him to use caringbridge, so it immediately caught my attention. i just looked at some of your posts with Jared. ohhh, i’m so moved.. and amazed how you’ve managed over the years. thinking of you and your little ones and eager to read more of your life in the NOW… here’s to sharing!
    much love and wishing you happy travels in guatemala.

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